Frameless Channel Mounted Balustrades

This type of glass balustrade is ideal for balcony areas as it creates “very clean lines”, and frameless channel-mounted glass balustrades come with 12mm Toughened Glass and a Stainless Steel or Timber Handrail (either side mounted or top mounted – see images below).

This type of glass balustrade can also be installed with no handrail – using a laminated Vistaview product. This laminated product looks great (see images below), but it does add a significant cost to your installation

Top Mount Handrail

Channel mounted glass balustrades are very popular (particularly for balcony areas with brick upstands) as they look amazing. Channel mounted glass balustrades can suit clients that don’t want a lot of stainless steel.

A top-mounted handrail looks really sleek on a channel-mounted glass balustrade – as there is no need for any “glass to handrail” brackets coming out from the side of the glass panels.

Easily the most popular top mounted stainless steel handrail profile is the thin 21mm x 25mm rectangular, but other top-mounted handrail profiles are available (eg 25mm round, 42mm round, or 25mm x 50mm rectangular – which is quite an expensive profile).

No Handrail

A channel mounted glass balustrade is allowed to have no handrail – as long as the glass used is a thick (usually 14.28mm thick) custom made laminated product called Vistaview.

Vistaview is a very expensive product (far more expensive than the normal 12mm clear toughened glass panels) – plus every installation using Vistaview must achieve engineering certification. This engineering certification adds a further cost of approximately $800 to the already significantly increased cost of the laminated Vistaview glass panels – hence not having a handrail on your spigot mounted glass balustrade is an expensive exercise.

This type of glass balustrade is extremely popular (as long as the budget allows due to all glass panels being custom manufactured) – as there is only the brick upstand and the glass. There is no stainless steel used with this type of glass balustrade.